Group Š.U.N.D. in collaboration with the Executive Group has launched cooperation on the art project called EGallery, an exhibition of contemporary art dedicated to young artists, located in the beautiful premises of the agency Executive Group on the third floor. The exhibition is a permanent exhibition in the six-month period, where young artists have the opportunity to present their works to the public.

Sale character of the exhibition will enable artists to engage in commercial art market. Creation of this art project was conceived as an unconventional gallery space that allows clients of agencies and the general public to get closer to contemporary art and at the same time to buildi a creative awareness in the corporate sphere, but above all an opportunity for young creatives to present their works.

First Edition EGallery was officially opened on March 6, 2014, 26 works of young painters, graphic artists, costume designers, sculptors and photographers, were presented to the Belgrade audience the next six months.